Daycare Negligence Claims in South Georgia

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As a parent or guardian, it is our primary duty to keep our children safe. The decision to leave your child to the care of another is one of the most difficult decisions parents make. Every year there are thousands of children who are injured at their daycare because of the negligence of their caretakers.

Daycare and child care centers are governed by a particularized set of rules and any attorney must be familiar with these rules. The personal injury attorneys at Hudson King are experienced in handling all types of daycare negligence cases. We are ready to help bring justice, closure, and peace of mind to you and your precious family.

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If your child has been neglected at their daycare center, it can be an angering and emotional situation for both you and the child. It’s important to take action quickly in order to avoid losing valuable evidence. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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