Motorcycle Accidents in South Georgia

Have you been involved in a motorcycle collision?

Motorcycle riders, just like any other driver, have a right to use the road. Too often, other motorists are careless and cause crashes with motorcycles. Unfortunately, the motorcycle rider often takes the worst of the crash and suffers a serious injury. Insurance companies often try to diminish the rider’s damages and argue that the motorcycle driver assumed a risk of another driver’s negligence by riding.

Of course, legally, the negligent driver is responsible for whatever injuries they cause regardless of what their insurance company claims. We will fight the insurance companies for your legal rights. At Hudson King, we have years of experience in representing clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. Utilizing our vast experience in former insurance defense, we will fight the insurance companies for the fullest protection of your legal rights.

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Our motorcycle accident lawyers will listen to your case and help you decide on the best plan of action. Our attention to detail and our understanding is part of what makes us one of the most trusted personal injury firms in the area. Whether it’s medical bills, emotional suffering, or lost wages, we will help you realize a full and fair recovery. One of the most important components of any personal injury case is to act as quickly as possible to avoid losing vital evidence and witnesses who can support your case.

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