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Million Dollar Verdict for South Georgia Church

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Firm News

A years long legal battle over a storm-damaged church roof has finally ended. South Georgia personal injury law firm Hudson King and Tennessee law firm McWherter, Scott & Bobbitt were able to secure a multi-million dollar judgment for the Albany church.

In December 2014, a hailstorm damaged the roof of the Central Baptist Church, along with other parts of the church buildings. While the first adjuster sent by the insurance company stated he initially believed the roof needed to be replaced, the insurance company paid the Church only a little over a $1,000. Attorneys from McWherter, Scott & Bobbitt and Hudson King filed suit on behalf of Central Baptist Church.

For several years, members of Central Baptist Church waited for the insurance funds necessary to make the much-needed repairs, as the insurance company took dozens of depositions across the country. The trial was held in the U.S. District Court for Middle Georgia, Albany Division, with Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner presiding. During the proceedings, many of the insurance company’s experts denied seeing any hail damage — despite nearby homes having similar hail damage and pictures taken by the first person sent by the insurance company to examine the roof showing hundreds of hail strikes. One of the insurance company’s experts even admitted that there was golf ball-sized hail in the Albany area that day.

The trial team was comprised of attorneys Brandon McWherter, Clint Scott, and J.L. King. The team showed the jury exactly how Central Baptist Church was damaged and how much it would cost to replace the church roof. The trial team secured a $1.75 Million judgment for the church, plus interest. The parties are expected to return for a future trial date to address whether the insurance company acted in bad faith in failing to pay the claim.

Hudson King is pleased about this favorable judgment and the financial relief it will bring for members of Central Baptist Church. The firm is also extremely proud of the team’s work on this case.

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