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Success Stories

At Hudson King, we focus exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death cases, delivering national experience and local expertise. We’re focused on helping our South Georgia neighbors so that they can move on with their lives. Because of our professional backgrounds and proven track record of litigation, insurance companies treat us differently – they know we have the experience and that we get the best possible results. 

Founding attorneys Shane Hudson and J.L. King, II, along with the entire Hudson King law firm, are grateful for the clients we’ve been able to help over the years. We are also proud of the many successes we have had. Here are some of our favorite recent success stories:

Refusing To Settle After Devastating Diagnosis

Our client, who operated a truck for a living, was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while on the job. His injuries led to a condition called lymphedema, which causes swelling in the legs and difficulty walking. His medical bills grew to more than $280,000, and doctors told him he’d never work again. This was a devastating blow, as he loved his job. The insurance company’s first settlement offer was $600,000. Our attorneys filed suit, gathered evidence, and took depositions from those involved in the case. Our client’s total recovery ended up being more than $2M. With that money, he updated his home so that he could continue to function with his permanent medical conditions. Our client and his family continue to be friends of the firm and are welcomed guests whenever they stop by.

Advocating For Victims Of All Ages

At Hudson King, we represent personal injury victims of all ages. Recently, we represented a local girl who was only six years old when a crash involving a pickup truck left her with a traumatic spinal injury. She could no longer do the things she loved: gymnastics, cheerleading, and riding horses. Her parents faced roughly $110,000 in medical bills and would also need to pay for ongoing treatment and monitoring. Initially, the insurance company offered $25,000, claiming the girl’s condition was genetic and not caused by the crash. Hudson King attorneys filed suit and began interviewing neurosurgeons across the country about our client’s rare spinal condition. Ultimately, we tried the case in court and recovered an award of $1.2M. The recovered funds were placed into a trust and will be protected for her future. However, some of the money was used to build a pool; swimming is one of the activities she still enjoys. Her parents also used part of the settlement funds to purchase an ATV so she can visit and feed her horses even though she can no longer ride them.

Pursuing Liability After A Deadly Police Crash

What started as a police chase in residential Tifton ended up devastating a local family. Our client was helping his sister move furniture out of her house, while nearby, police pursued a driver who had avoided a roadblock. As the cars approached the sister’s home, a police car made contact with the offending vehicle, causing it to hit and then bounce off of the sister’s house. The car pinned our client and fractured his pelvis. His sister died in the crash. Georgia State Patrol eventually admitted to performing an illegal pit maneuver but continued to deny any liability. Meanwhile, our client’s medical bills grew to $150,000. Attorneys at Hudson King gathered interviews and deposed all of the Georgia State Patrol officers involved. We were able to settle the client’s case in mediation for $950,000.

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