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Has an insurance company wrongfully delayed or failed to pay your claim? If so, you might be able to pursue legal action. Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith when investigating, valuing, and paying insurance claims. If they act in bad faith, they jeopardize your ability to rebuild your life after an accident, injury, or loss.

By contacting our South Georgia personal injury attorneys at Hudson King, you can learn more about your options in moving forward with a lawsuit to pursue just compensation for your insurance claim. For over a decade, our team has been dedicated to representing individuals throughout South Georgia who have been mistreated by insurance companies.

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Understanding “Bad Faith” & Insurance Claims

Bad faith insurance claims often arise when an insurance company fails to pay a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. The jury often never knows that the reason a case has reached trial is the bad faith actions of the defendant's insurance company.

Bad faith claims may arise when insurance providers:

  • Fail to settle a claim within the policy limits when given the opportunity;
  • Deny a legitimate claim;
  • Fail to pay the full value of a claim; or
  • Take other unethical actions toward a claimant.

When an insurance company acts in bad faith and fails to resolve a claim within its policy limits, it may be held responsible not only for damages up to policy limits but for all the damages in the case. For example, an insurance company that acts in bad faith in handling a claim for a policy with a limit of $100,000 could be held liable for all damages in a resulting legal action – even if these damages add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Insurance companies are required by law to act in the best interests of their insured, not in the best interests of the insurance company. Without this law, an insured would be responsible all damages in excess of their policy limits – even if the insurance company could have settled the claim in a manner where the insured would not have had to contribute to the settlement at all.

Seeking Justice for Victims of Insurance Bad Faith

As insurance bad faith attorneys, we often find that insurance providers fail to pay legitimate claims that are worth more than the policy limits, even when given the opportunity to settle for the policy limits. This is especially prevalent in cases where insurance companies take the position that an injury in South Georgia just isn't worth the full compensation that would be due in other areas for the same injury.

In situations where an insurance provider fails to pay a legitimate claim or otherwise violates good faith practices, we pursue bad faith claims against the insurance company. We are then no longer limited by the policy limits of the insurance. While a denial of a legitimate claim may mean that it takes longer for our client to seek justice, it allows the client to have the opportunity to collect the full value of their claim – without often inadequate insurance policy limits. It should be noted that the vast majority of the cases we try before juries involve this situation where the insurance company has refused an offer to settle the case for policy limits or less.

In addition to bad faith lawsuits based on an insurance company's failure to pay a claim filed against an insured, we also pursue bad faith actions against insurance companies for failing to pay claims made by an insured based on their own policies. These claims are often the result of an insurance company failing to pay for catastrophic damage to an insured's residential or commercial property. In these cases, if an insurance company is found to be acting in bad faith, the insurance company can be held responsible for attorney's fees and an additional 50% of the loss. For example, a failure to pay a $100,000 claim could result in a judgment for $150,000 plus attorney's fees.

Team up with a Former Insurance Defense Attorney in South Georgia

Attorney J.L. King, II, one of our firm's founding partners, is a former insurance defense lawyer. He therefore has the benefit of an insider's perspective on bad faith claims. He has an in-depth understanding of the various tactics insurance companies use when trying to cheat personal injury victims out of the compensation they deserve. J.L. recognizes what motivates insurance companies to provide fair and full compensation after an injury, which allows our team to build the strongest cases possible on behalf of our clients.

J.L King, II and James Hudson are two of the most experienced South Georgia civil trial lawyers under the age of 40, supplying our firm with the skills and resources to take on even the most complex cases. We proudly handle most cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay if we win your case.

Consult a Winning Team with Proven Results

It can be frustrating to be the victim of insurance bad faith, but you do not have to work through the situation on your own. If you want to set up a case evaluationwith one of our South Georgia injury lawyers, be sure tocontact our firm. We're ready to help you pursue the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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